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Billets, Saddle Panels, Thigh supports



For some rider seemingly unimportant, for some horses of crucial importance for the optimal position of the saddle are the billets and the saddle cushions. Even if the saddle is optimally placed on the back of the horse, which does not mean that it even fits. Even with seemingly well-adjusted saddles the wrong billets can lead to serious problems.


There are anatomical features in some horses, for example, a high or a slight withers, the latter perhaps in combination with a round chest of the horse. There is no firm attachment of the saddle. Which person would like to walk around the chest with a restrictive strap or inappropriate shoes, maybe even do exercise with it?

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Saddle Panels


Similar to the strapping, the right choice of saddle panel/cushion is important for the optimal position of the saddle. If the saddle panels are too small or too big, the saddle can tilt forwards, backwards or sideways. Problems caused by anatomical features, such as the so-called kissing spine syndrome, can usually be resolved by a well-adapted saddle.

We offer different types of pillows. In addition to the standard pillow, in our designation K1 to K3, there is the so-called French cushion.

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Thigh supports


The choice of the knee blocks or thigh supports depends primarily on the wishes of the rider. There are four different sizes to choose. All knee blocks can also be delivered with Velcro.

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